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Graylander Labs strives to empower your business by providing what you're missing

Business Consulting

Struggling to identify your unseen problems, initiating change, making sure your staff has  what they need, or gaining objectivity? Allow us be the fresh set of eyes at your table.

Digital Management

Too busy saving the day elsewhere to manage your O365 accounts, websites, hosting and environments? Let us carry the load for you while you do what's important.

Project Planning

Trying to get a new project off the ground, or to keep it on track? Tired of "doing agile" versus "being agile"? We can help make sure you're delivering quality on time.

Marketing Evaluations

Working to engage with potential customers but unsure if your advertisements are bringing you work or just wasting money? We'll get you the answers you need.

Technical Support

Wasting time on dealing with your printer or your computer running slow? We can provide on-site and remote support enabling you to get back to what you're good at. 

Brand Engagement

Finding yourself lost in the world of business social media? Let us get your content out and engage with your customers. We tee them up, you reap the rewards.


Our mission is to bring tangible value to businesses at low costs

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    Service on Demand

    Our model allows us to flexibly meet your needs. We're here when you need us, and standing by when you don't.

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    Personal Touch

    You're not only a customer- you're a partner. You'll know who you're working with on a first name basis

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    Meeting your Needs

    If we can't deliver what you need, we'll connect you with who can, and can save you effort by contracting it on your behalf

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    Transparent Billing

    You pay for our time and nothing else; no retainers, no surprises, no ambiguity. Simplicity you can count on. 

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    Focusing on Value

    Our goal is to make your job easier. We focus on your priorities to quickly maximize your return on investment

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Our Team

The faces you can count to be there when you need them

David Gray, the owner of Graylander Labs

David Gray

Owner & Tech Administration

Jacob Durin, a UI/UX tester for Graylander Labs

Jacob Durbin

UI/UX Testing

Matthew Morgan, in-house legal for Graylander Labs

Matthew Morgan


Nate Munos, Client Relations and CRM for Graylander Labs

Nate Munoz

Client Relations & CRM 

Sarah Wall, Marketing and branding for Graylander Labs

Sarah Wall

Marketing & Branding

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